Below you will find a letter from my big sister - Joan Hill. She wrote to me after I graduated from Fresno State (which was 3 years after I pledged Tau Beta Sigma) explaining to me what my nickname meant (my little sister Echo knew what her nickname meant before me!)

Dear little Roo!
I thought you might like this stationary! I had forgotten that I had it, but found it in a box of old stuff.
I hope your interviews are going well.

The main reason I am writing is because I realized the other day that I had been remiss in my duties as a big sister!
I had always intended to wait until you graduated to reveal to you my reasons behind the nickname I chose for you.

When I began trying to think of one, I only knew that I wanted to pick a name with special meaning behind it. "Roo" is, primarily, taken from Roo of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. The capital R stands for the "R" you always used to draw in the air for "Respect, and the "oo" (like "ooooooh") for the fascination you held with all of our symbols and activities you were exposed to as a pledge. But mostly, I saw you as a sort of Roo-type person during your candidacy. You were always eager to learn, as if you knew around each corner would increasingly greater and more wonderful things. And you wanted to do everything-at-once! Your enthusiaism was so like that of Roo that I remembered from the stories.

And so your name symbolizes pieces of each of us, for the big-little sibling bond, and your semester as a candidate. I wanted to make your name as meaningful and special as I could.

Anyway, things are going normal here. Band camp's next week. Quinn and Eric C. have moved in together. Sunday is a meeting. Rusty's coming today. I got a new backgammon board for my birthday from my sister! It's real pretty, but I need to go - just wanted to drop a note (or 2)!

Take care, little sis!!!


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