I'm a poet and I bet you didn't know it! Seriously, I got into writing poetry (not really serious poetry - although I have a few that are). I mostly like to write odes. I entered a bad poetry contest through the Bakersfield Californian newspaper and I'm not kidding I actually won twice (I got 2 shirts that say I'm a bad poet). I also once sent one called Ode to the Pepsi Dude to Pepsi and I got a free shirt from them. My poem on here entitled Ode To KCBI was a winner in their Prizes For Poets contest. In addition to poetry I also write children's stories. I have written one entitled Sandy Cat's Big Adventure. I am working on a sequel called Inky the Cat That Kept Coming Back. Anyway check out my poems I've selected - you will like them.

Ode To The Pepsi Dude

Ode To The Answering Machine


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