Why I'm A Percussionist

The first instrument I played was the piano, but I was quickly unenrolled after 3 months because my mom hated fighting with me to practice. I had a learning disability while growing up - I had difficutlties with my perceptual motor skills (troubles with eye hand coordination). I had overheard my mom and my coordination teacher talking about me and and my teacher said that if I took up the drums maybe it would help me. I think my initial reason for choosing percussion over any other instrument was because of what my coordination teacher had said. However, as time went on I found that I really liked it, I liked being one of the few girls in the percussion section (who wants to be like all the other girls and play flute or clarinet - although I do also play clarinet). I also found a special bond with my fellow percussionists - we are different and we know it and that brings us together. Plus you get to play the coolest instruments such as the cymbals! So in summary I am a percussionist because I love it and I was born to do it!

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