News 1/13/04 Over the weekend I finally did something I had been wanting to do for a while now. I contacted Kittico Cat Rescue about becoming a volunteer. On Saturday I worked my first event - the pet adoption at PetsMart on Inwood. I had so much fun and they had the cutest kitties. There was another animal group there called Hart that was also doing pet adoptions. They had this 24 pound cat named Oscar that they were raising money for to pay for treating his cancer. I am also going to be starting a guitar class next month through the Mesquite ISD Community education program. I decided that just knowing how to play London Bridge Is Falling Down, Three Blind Mice and Mary Had A Little Lamb is not what I'd like to be playing the rest of my life (plus I got stuck in Mel Bay's Children's Guitar Method Book 1). Who knows maybe someday I'll be able to play like Jars of Clay.

1/14/04 Today I am going back to Samuell High School to substitute for the same teacher I subbed for yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, when I went to check in with the lady I check in with at Samuell for subbing, she remembered me (which was good). I saw a guy in there checking in as well - he was a long term sub. I mentioned that I would love the chance to be a long term sub at Samuell if one opened up. The lady said that the teacher I was subbing for had a brother that was terminally ill and would know on Thursday if she was going to leave. Soooo say a prayer. I will know Thursday if I have a long term sub position. The students are fun - they don't know very much english which made it interesting trying to explain pictographs to them. I gave up and ended up giving them adding and subtracting to do. I look forward to the new adventures today :)

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