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I graduated from high school on June 6, 1986. I started college at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA (half an hour away from my hometown). Why did I chose a junior college in the next town when there was one that was in my hometown? That's simple - COS had a band. I had some crazy times in the COS band. My director, Duane Weston, was awesome. He wanted us to have fun and fun we had. There was no such thing as halftime charts. He went to the board drew out what we'd do and which section had to go where. Then we'd go outside and do a lot of dancing. I had wanted to switch to bass drum, but my wonderful section leader, Kevin Stiffler, gave me the lecture on how there are different parts of the body and we all can't be the same part and someone has to play cymbals. So once again there I was on cymbals. In addition to being in the band I got involved in student government. I was Freshman Representative my freshman year and Student Senator of the Fine Arts Division my sophomore year.

After graduating from COS in 1988 with my AA in Liberal Arts I transferred to California State University, Fresno. Go Dogs! I picked Fresno State because that's right they had a marching band. I was in marching band, basketball band, the symphonic band, and I did one semester of community chorus. Once again I was on cymbals, but that was okay because I was finally a cymbal goddess (according to Jeff Lee my percussion instructor). I decided to take band to a whole new level and in the fall of 1990 I joined the Eta Omega chapter of Tau Beta Sigma. I think the thing that finally got me to join was one of the Alpha class members - Laura "Sarge" Lathrop said I was the only COS person who had not joined Kappa Kappa Psi or Tau Beta Sigma. I was a part of one of the most unique pledge classes the chapters have ever had - the Zeta class. Oh how I cherish those crazy times. In addition to band and Tau Beta Sigma I was also involved in student activities as a Vintage Days Coordinator - the Vintathlon Coordinator in 1992 and then Boomtown Coordinator in 1993. That was an awesome time (even if I did make the entire Armenian Students Organization mad at me my first year as a coordinator). I also served as the music librarian my last two years at Fresno State which was awesome and held the office of Alumni Secretary in Tau Beta Sigma. I graduated from Fresno State in 1991 with a BA in Psychology and then finished the teaching credential program in 1993 and life began.

I taught 4th grade for a year before going back to school full time for my master's degree in counseling psychology. I chose to attend a Christian college for the first time in my life (it was a dream for me - I had originally wanted to go to Point Loma Nazarene University as an undergraduate, but could not afford to go). I started California Baptist College in the spring semester of 1995. I had a wonderful time and will never forget the doors that God opened for me while I was there. I got to go on my first mission trip to Mexico (and I drove on that trip - talk about my angels working overtime). I graduated in July of 1997 with my MS in Counseling Psychology.

Since then I have taught and been a social worker. I also had the opportunity to go to Korea for a short time which was an awesome experience for me. I learned to bargain in a foreign country and ate raw fish and lived to tell about it. I have continued my involvement with Tau Beta Sigma at the alumni level. I was the founding Vice-President of the Tau Beta Sigma Western District Alumni Association and then the Historian. Later on I served 3 years as the Vice-President of Projects for the Western District Joint Alumni Association (WDJAA) and here in the Southwest District, I have been the Vice-President of Programs, the Treasuer and interim Scretary/Treasurer for the Southwest District Alumni Association. I had the opportunity in 2003 and again in 2004 to present a scrapbooking workshop at the Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma Southwest District Convention. That was truly an honor for me to be a part of a district I did not originally hail from. I am employed as a substitute teacher for the Dallas Independent School District. I have been at Samuell High School for the past year and a half in two different long term postions. Last year (2004) I worked with hispanic kids learning english and this school year (2004-05), I have been teaching U.S. history and world history. I am back in school this semester at Texas A and M Commerce (the metroplex center) taking one of the classes I need for my school counseling certification. I don't know where this will lead (I tend to be faced with the unknown a lot in my life), but no matter what I will follow in obedience. I attend a wonderful church in downtown Dallas - First Baptist Church. I love Dr. Brunson's preaching and I think everyone should come to my church. I also am a part of the Awana ministry at my church working with the 5th grade girls (I love my girls). I look forward to working in VBS and Mission Dallas again this summer. I have been playing clarinet in the Frisco Community Band, but have taken a hiatus. I plan to go back this summer - I'm a band geek and miss playing! I live with the best cat in the world - Holly Christine the best cat ever. She is soooo cute and I love her a lot. Well that's the story so far. I'll add more as life continues on.

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