Hi! This is the place to find out about who the mystery of Roo is. First of all, Roo is my Tau Beta Sigma
nickname given to me by my big sister - Joan Canfield Hill. You can read about the explanation of my nickname
in a different part of my website. Anyway my given name is Katherine Denise Waddle. I was named after my
great-grandmother on my mom's side of the family for my first name and my middle name is for a guy named Dennis who died in a car accident. Denise is the feminine form of Dennis. I always joke with my mom and ask her if dad knows I was named after some guy. The meaning of Katherine is pure and the meaning of Denise is joyous; worshipper.
If you know me you know that I am definitely a joyous person.

Anyway, I was born October 20, 1968 at 9:41 pm at Mercy Hospital in Merced, California. I was born on a Sunday and I was born on my first pastor's birthday. I was dedicated to the Lord on January 12, 1969. My parents and I lived in El Nido, California (right out side of Merced) until I was 5 months old. My dad got fired from his job at the ranch we lived on, so they decided to moved to Porterville, Ca where my grandparents and the rest of my dad's family lived. I was an only child until August 6, 1971 when my sister Beth came along. Apparently just having a sister wasn't enough. I wanted a baby brother just like my friend Julieanne had so when I was 5 years old I knelt beside my bed and prayed to Jesus to send me a baby brother. He did - Tim was born January 1, 1974. Maybe I should have been careful what I prayed for - just kidding. I love my brother even though he hit my sister and I while growing up (so much for that rule about boys not hitting girls).

The 3 of us kids grew up in Porterville. We attended the fine schools of the Porterville Unified School District. I went to West Putnam for Kindergarten, Westfield for 1st-6th grades, Bartlett Junior High for junior high school, and then Monache
High School home of the awesome Monache Band.

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